About Me

I am just one of those people who love to watch films. I can be considered as movie freak or movie enthusiast as I generally watch new movies playing in cinemas. If I did not have the time to watch them due to whatever reasons, I would try my best to do it later via other means, including cable TV or live streaming.

I also enjoy watching US television series and occasionally Asian series. But I do not enjoy watching soap operas such as Telenovela or Indonesian "sinetron". Sorry, that's just not the type of shows that I would allocate my time to, especially since I only have time to watch after my office hour and during weekends.

In addition, I would like to clarify the rating which I put at the end of my post. This rating is given purely based on my subjective opinion and total enjoyment of watching the movie. So if I truly enjoy the movie or TV series, for sure the rating would be high, whereas if I am unable to enjoy it, most likely the rating would be lesser. Some of these opinions may differ from general consensus, which is why I would recommend that my post is read entirely to understand the reasons for my enjoyment or lack of and why I gave such ratings.

Happy reading!


contact me: michaelnontonmulu@gmail.com


  1. Is there an email where I can send Press Releases to your site?

  2. yes, you can contact me at the address above. thanks

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    Thank you!


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