Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Boss Baby - Another Lovely Cute Adorable Baby Movie

This movie's trailer had been shown for many weeks earlier and as usual when it involved cute funny moments, we definitely would want to see it as soon as possible. It was kind of surprising when the movie premiered only yesterday since it already played in US cinemas 1 week ago. I guess they switched it with Smurfs: The Lost Village which did premier last week but only playing in US this week. Anyway, my wife and I had been eyeing to see it and bought the tickets in the morning to ensure we got our favorite seats. So let us move on to the movie now.

Brief Story Line

Movie was narrated from the point of view of adult Timothy Templeton (Tobey Maguire - Spiderman trilogy, The Great Gatsby and many more) regarding his childhood experience when he was 7 years old. It was very clear that he had great imagination when he told the story. That time young Timothy (Miles Bakshi) was having a happy life with his mother Janice (Lisa Kudrow - Friends TV series etc) and his father Ted (Jimmy Kimmel - host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk show). Until one day when his parents came back with his new baby brother. As a child who had been having all the love he had from his parents, Timothy obviously got very frustrated and a bit jealous when his baby brother was taking all the attention. 

One night Timothy heard some noises from his brother's room and found out that the baby could talk. This baby introduced himself as the Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin - Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, 30 Rock TV series etc). He threatened Timothy not to tell his parents about him able to talk, otherwise he would be "fired" from the family as he believed parents would prefer baby.

Timothy who would not back down, tried his best to expose the Boss Baby's secret and prove to his parents that he was not an ordinary baby so things can go back to usual. However, the Boss Baby got the support from other babies i.e. the cute Staci (ViviAnn Yee), the adorable triplets (Eric Bell Jr) and the very funny Jimbo (David Soren) who would "protect" the Boss Baby at all cost.

So could Timothy get the proof he needed to expose the Boss Baby? Could he find out what the Boss Baby's plan? What was the reason for the Boss Baby to come to Templeton's family and how would they end up working together? Find them all in this cute funny animated movie.

End of Brief Story Line

So this was 1 funny and cute movie. There were plenty of laughs that we had during the whole film. The earlier part showing lots of babies were absolutely adorable and cute. The other babies supporting the Boss Baby were all very funny and cute as well, especially during the "meeting" scene and the later part plus the ending. The scene I laughed the hardest was involving baby Jimbo in the final third of the movie. The Boss Baby himself was also very adorable whenever he was in the actual baby state. I think Alec Baldwin did a great job voicing this character.

The story itself was not too complicated. It was not supposed to be so for a family movie and aimed for young audience as well. There were lots of imagination done by young Timothy, but of course you should not compare this with the heavier similar story of child with huge imagination like Disney Pixar's Toy Story quadrology. This movie is way lighter than that. There is however a bit similarity with Storks especially the imaginative part of where babies come from.

In addition to the funny stuff and the imaginations, the movie itself had lovely animations. It was very colorful and children would definitely enjoy it. Adults could enjoy the movie as well since the movie was all about laughter. A reminder again that as the movie was told through the eyes of young Timothy with imagination, people should not consider the movie to be having proper logics. The movie is aimed merely for fun and entertainment.

One thing that actually bothered me was the movie's trailer that was shown over and over again was too long and revealed too much information. Many of the funny moments were already shown in the trailer, although they were still funny when we saw it again in the movie. I would have loved it even better if the trailer was shorter and the funny moments were not too much shown.

There was also a very brief funny scene in the middle of the end credit and also at the very very end. In case you like to see this kind of stuff like I do, then you could certainly wait till it's really finished and see it. 

In the end, I think the movie had got some good moral message and eye opener regarding children who were used to be the only child until they got a younger brother or sister. And there were also lovely moments between Timothy and The Boss Baby especially towards the final movie. 

So if you want to enjoy a good laugh and see those adorable babies plus you could enjoy watching imaginations from a 7 year old point of view, then you should be entertained by this one. But if you prefer a much heavier animated movie, then probably your moment of enjoyment would be lesser. The choice is yours.

Happy watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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