Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Neighbor - A Better Than Expected Suspense Thriller Movie

It was a a day of election for Jakarta governor for the second round yesterday, and hence it was also a holiday in Jakarta. My wife and I were enjoying our free time after we cast our votes and I saw that this movie started to premier. As I noticed that it was a thriller movie with interesting premise, I asked my wife whether she would like to accompany me watching it. After she read the synopsis from a movie website, she decided to see it too. So I immediately bought the tickets in Plaza Semanggi and was lucky enough that I could still got them despite a very long queue, obviously for people to see The Fate of The Furious. Now let us move on to the film.

Brief Story Line

A young couple of John (Josh Stewart- The Finest Hours, Transcendence etc) and Rosie (Alex Essoe) were enjoying life at a small town called Cutter where they were working for John's uncle named Neil (Skipp Sudduth - Flawless, Ronin etc). John was thinking of doing one last assignment for Neil and then leave the city for good.

Meanwhile Rosie has a habit of watching their neighbor from a telescope​. She was a bit intrigued of him and curious of whether he was an addict. One night when they were having a conversation, suddenly the neighbor whose name was revealed to be Troy (Bill Engvall), came to their place to have conversations. He seemed to take interest on Rosie a bit and mentioned something about the telescope owned by them.

On the following day, after doing his task for Neil, John rushed back to his home and tried to call Rosie to be ready. However, he did not get an answer. When he reached home, Rosie was nowhere to be found. He was a little bit suspicious of Troy since the telescope that had been put aside was in the same spot again. So John decided to investigate Troy's house while he was out.

So what would John find in his neighbor's house? What secret was he hiding? And what happened to Rosie? Find them all in this interesting thriller.

End of Brief Story Line

Well to my surprise the movie was actually quite good. I was a bit skeptical at first as I worry it would be something that would only be tense at the last half hour or less. But the suspense actually started quite early while the real tension started around one third of the movie, which was having a rather short duration of 1.5 hours. The tension was quite steady and was built a little bit before the investigation by John. There was even one particular scene which I hold my breath without realizing it.

Funny thing though, I felt there were brief similarities with other movies like Disturbia or Don't Breathe, but it should not be considered as copying those movies. Perhaps a little inspired by them. Anyway, my wife and I did enjoy the movie when we watched it, but it was certainly not the very classic thriller movie that you would love to watch over and over again. It did however provide us with interesting option of movies in the cinemas during this week.

I believe the movie was one of those that was having budget at the lower end, so please do not expect a very sophisticated special effects. As usual, such movie's attraction was not on that part, but more towards the suspense. Oh ya, although this is classified as horror movie, I feel that it was more like a suspense thriller. It is not a supernatural with ghost kind of movie. The sound effects and musical effects were put to good use. I felt the tension were really high due to those effects. And this movie did not have an end credit scene for you to wait, if you are one of those people looking to see such scene.

The movie itself was actually a 2016 production. I saw the poster to this movie for quite some time already in the "coming soon" section of Cinemaxx website, and I am not sure the reason it took so long to finally show it now. But anyway, if you are looking to enjoy something different rather than Furious 8 or other Hollywood movies that have been playing for more than a week, then this could be a good choice for you. Remember though that it is only playing in Cinemaxx and CGV in Indonesia. 

Happy watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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