Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Man Called Ahok - A Review by Yennymakanmulu

After few days of the movie playing in the theaters, we finally decided to go ahead and saw this one last night. This time, I prefer to let my wife share her views of the film as I thought that her personal experience while watching the movie would be more suitable than if I wrote it. So here goes below her wonderful review in Bahasa Indonesia.

[MOVIE] A Man Called Ahok – Kisah Memperjuangkan Belitung Timur *spoiler alert*

5 hari setelah film A Man Called Ahok rilis di bioskop2 Indonesia, gw baru bisa nonton di hari Selasa kemarin. Terbentur dengan lokasi bioskop dan tempat duduk yang gw incer, makanya gw tunda dulu nonton di hari pertama main. Semua bioskop penuh! Tapi terus terang, gw gak terlalu napsu buat nonton awalnya. Bukan! Bukan karena gw gak suka Ahok. Oh wow, gw justru kagum banget sama sosok seorang Ahok. Gara2 Ahok, Jakarta pernah jadi yang terbaik di mata gw. Sebelum Ahok kerja di Jakarta, gw gak kenal siapa beliau. Sepak terjang Ahok bikin Jakarta lebih baik dari sebelum2nya. Terus, apa sih sebetulnya alasan gw gak beli tiket pertama kali? Gw ragu Daniel Mananta bisa mewakili sosok Ahok. Monmaap ya Kak Daniel. Secara gw gak pernah nonton Daniel akting. Tapi setelah banyak teman yang bilang filmnya bagus, okelah gw coba nonton deh. Oya film diadaptasti dari buku dengan judul yang sama, karangan Rudi Valinka, dan disutradarai oleh Putrama Tuta. Yuk mulai nonton!

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Just heads up on the movie, it was mentioned by the director that it's not a documentary and certain aspects might be dramatized.

PS: You can also read her other reviews about food and travel in her blog.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

(2018) The Grinch - A Wonderfully Animated Christmas Movie

Yesterday there was a new family movie that premiered in all Indonesian cinemas. My wife and I wanted to see this in the theater nearest to our home but unfortunately it did not play there. So we saw this in another one which was quite near as well. It was the one with Dolby Atmos sound system, though the movie playing there did not have such effects. Anyway, let's get on with the movie now.

Brief Story Line

Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch - Doctor StrangeSherlock TV series etc) was very grumpy and really hated Christmas day. Few days before Christmas, he grew even grumpier especially when the city nearby called Whoville went all around to make sure this year's celebration was 3 times bigger than previous year. With the help from his friend Max the dog, Grinch decided to steal Christmas from the residents of Whoville.

Friday, November 9, 2018

He's Out There - A Better Than Expected Terrifying Horror Movie

This was one of the two movies playing only in the smaller Indonesian cinema chains. I got the chance to see this last night, but I saw it by myself as it was a horror movie. However, I thought it did not seem like a very scary one so I still wanted to give it a try. Well let's get down to the movie now.

Brief Story Line

Laura (Yvonne Strahovski - The Predator, Chuck TV series etc), and her two young children Kayla (Anna Pniowsky) and Madison (Abigail Pniowsky) were on their way for holiday at a remote lake house. Laura's husband Shawn (Justin Bruening - Knight Rider remake, All My Children TV series etc) was coming a bit later as he had some things he had to attend to. 

While Laura was taking a rest, the girls wandered around the woods and found something they did not share with their mother. During the night, things started to get creepy as sounds coming from outside and on the second floor as well. Getting real panic, Laura tried to find help, only to find that her effort was futile, especially since no one was around in the area to help them.