Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ford v Ferrari - An Extraordinary Sports Biography Drama

I was looking forward to see this movie when it was scheduled to premier on Friday. Unfortunately once again my favorite Dolby Atmos studio was having an event at around 7 PM and no shows were available during that time. My wife and I ended up seeing this one only yesterday at that studio. Anyway, I'll go on with the movie now.

Brief Story Line

Set in the early 1960s, Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon - The Adjustment BureauThe Great Wall etc) was the owner of automobile manufacturer Shelby American. When Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts - Lady Bird, The Post etc) wanted to create a new race car for Ford capable of winning the Le Mans and beat their competitor Ferrarri, he assigned one of his executive Lee Iacocca (John Bernthal - The Punisher TV series, Baby Driver etc) to engage Shelby with this difficult task.

Friday, November 15, 2019

(TV SERIES) S.W.A.T - A Quite Entertaining Action Series on the Elite Unit of LAPD

I have known about this 2017 series for quite some time and did not have the chance to watch it until recently. I saw its promotion on cable TV few times and noticed that it starred one of the person whom I knew from the famous long running Criminal Minds TV series and I felt it would be an interesting action series. Well I'll go more into details now.

Brief Story Line

The series focus on a unit of LAPD's Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) led by Sergeant II Daniel Harrison aka Hondo (Shemar Moore - Criminal Minds, The Young and the Restless TV series etc) with his team that consisted of the new hot headed Officer III Jim Street (Alex Russel - Chronicle, Carrie 2003 version etc), the only female Officer III Chris Alonso (Lina Esco - Free the Nipple etc), Officer III+1 Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson - The Shield TV series etc), Officer III Victor Tan (David Lim), and Sergeant Deacon Kay (Jay Harrington - Benched TV series etc) in dealing with matters that required their expertise.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

(2019) Charlie's Angels - A Fresher Look at the Famous and Iconic Characters from the 70s-80s TV Series

I did not realize that they were making a new Charlie's Angels movie until I saw the trailer few weeks ago. Since my wife and I are fans of adventure comedy movies and after seeing the trailer few times, we thought the movie looked interesting so we did not hesitate to buy the tickets during the advance sale event last week. Too bad it did not play in my favorite Atmos theater last night and we had to settle for a cinema with the standard Dolby system. OK, enough of that and let's get into the movie.

Brief Story Line

Sabina (Kristen Stewart - The Twilight movies, Panic Room etc) and Jane (Ella Balinska) were two angels who were assigned by Charlie to protect Elena (Naomi Scott - Aladdin live version, Terra Nova TV series etc) who had created something that might endanger the world if fallen into the wrong hands. Elena was trying to report to the company's owner Brock (Sam Claflin - AdriftSnow White and the Huntsman etc) on the problem and also fix her creation.