Thursday, April 12, 2018

RAMPAGE - An Entertaining Movie of Giant Animals Rampaging Throughout City of Chicago

Now this is a movie that I had been eyeing for quite some time. The trailer to it was shown repeatedly prior to the start of various films I saw earlier and it promised a great looking action with giant gorilla, wolf and another scary looking creature. So obviously I had to see this on its premiere date. When it was finally released yesterday in Indonesia, my wife had purchased the ticket for us since morning. We decided to see this in one of our favorite places at Lotte Avenue. Well here goes my views of the movie.

Brief Story Line

Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson - Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleCentral Intelligence etc) was a primatologist, an expert in primate studies and worked at a zoo. He had been taking care of a very smart albino gorilla named George who was very friendly with people. However, when a genetic experiment went awry and the content somehow reached George's location, he was infected and become bigger overnight with a very aggressive behavior. A genetic engineer named Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris - Our Kind of Traitor, Moonlight etc) who found out about the affected George, immediately informed Davis about the possibility of infection and offered help to Davis.

Meanwhile, the company that conducted the experiment which was led by Claire Wyden (Malin Ã…kerman - The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen etc) and her brother Brett (Jake Lacy - Miss Sloane, Carol etc) was looking for ways to protect their company due to its failed experiments. They even engaged military contractors to capture & kill the animals infected which included a wolf. Due to the dangers George & the wolf might possessed, Government agents represented by Russel (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - The Walking Dead TV series, Watchmen etc) was assigned to handle the situation.

So could George be saved and the other monsters be contained before they ran rampage and destroy the city of Chicago? Find them all in this full action movie.

End of Brief Story Line

Wooow, this movie was amazing in term of the action sequence. The giant gorilla, wolf and another animal that would be better found out when you see the movie (unless of course if you have seen the trailer that would let you know) were really cool, enormous and rampaging through out the whole city. The special effects of these animals/creatures were fantastically done and real life like. To my personal opinion, the greatest part of the movie would definitely be the giant monster scenes in Chicago. Of course the earlier part was also great (like the scene in the jungle and on the plane), but from the final third of the movie, it was totally awesome and made my wife and I really thrilled.

Now aside from those cool monster fights scenes with the great special effects, the movie was supposedly having a wonderful sound effects. Unfortunately though, I did not really feel it in my theater which was having an Auro 11.1 system. Perhaps the movie did not specifically support that system. But I know for sure that it support Dolby Atmos, so if you are looking for great sound effects to accompany you, it might be better to see it at such studios. Nevertheless, even with a rather so so sound effects, the movie was still very enjoyable during those scenes.

But if you talk about the story itself, I felt that it was a tinsy bit too complicated. The movie seemed to be trying too hard on making the story sophisticated and also having many characters to support the story. However, I personally felt that it became a bit complicated and was not simple enough to grasp. Perhaps it would be more realistic had it been simplified a bit, like in Jurassic World where the story was simple enough to understand (could not help but feel there was a little similarity with that movie, having Chris Pratt as a friend to few of the T-Rex which later on ran amok). Which is why I could understand for audience who were looking for very smart monster movie might be disappointed as its main focus seemed to be aimed at making us amazed on those giant monsters. Don't get me wrong though, my wife and I personally really really enjoyed the movie, but there is possibility that critical audience would not like it.

Anyway, I did not get to see the end credit scene till finished as half way through it, the operator had switched off the projector (perhaps he thought no one else around), so I did not see if it had any post end credit scene. Btw, I understand that this movie was loosely adapted from a 1986 arcade game with the same title where players would take control of George, Ralph (the wolf) and another character called Lizzie which were originally people who could transformed into those creatures and rampaging through out various cities. So the movie was quite different from the game play. I am not sure if this would appeal to the fans of the games, but if they just want to enjoy seeing those creatures came to life in this movie, then it would certainly not disappoint.

Overall, this is a movie that was entertaining & fun if you disregard the logical parts. It has few funny moments and great action finale sequence, and it even had a touching moment as well (though my wife was only a bit affected). If you are looking for giant animals rampaging city and fight against military, then this movie is definitely for you.

Happy watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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