Monday, April 9, 2018

A Quiet Place - A Smart Thrilling Suspenseful Horror Movie

I was very very intrigued when I saw the trailer to this movie few weeks ago which I thought was going to be amazing. Unfortunately it premiered in Indonesia much earlier than I anticipated on 2 April while I was still away on holiday. So when I got the chance to see it with my wife yesterday after our movie experience of Ready Player One, we did not hesitate and immediately buy the tickets at CGV Grand Indonesia which was just opposite Plaza Indonesia. Now, let us move on with the movie.

Brief Story Line

Story was set in the year 2020 where the earth seemed to be having the after effects of attack by some vicious creatures that were attracted to sound. The movie focused on a family of survivors consisted of the father Lee (John Krasinski - 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, The Office TV series etc), his wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt - Sherlock Gnomes, The Young Victoria etc), their deaf daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds - Wonderstruck), and her brothers Marcus (Noah Jupe - Suburbicon, Wonder etc) & Beau the youngest (Cade Woodward). This family went through various places to look for food, medicine and so on for their survival.

When they finally find a place to settle down, they started to live there but they had to do it without making a sound and using sign languages to communicate. Their lives would soon become very complicated as Regan was always feeling that his father blamed her for an incident that happened earlier. Not to mention Marcus who had to learn survival ways from his father at such a young age. And to top it all, Evelyn's condition.

Challenge would be to avoid making sound throughout their lives. But could they make it and survive from those creatures that looked to be having no weaknesses at all? Find them all in this absolutely thrilling horror movie.

End of Brief Story Line

WOOOOW! This was absolutely as good (even better) than I expected. What I sensed would be an amazing movie was really true. From start to finish, the movie gave the sense of suspense and thrill and literally throughout the movie, my wife and I were absolutely strapped to our seats, communicating only by whispering to each other because we want to keep the silence as long as possible. There were so many great moments in the film and usually it involved the terrifying attack by the creature and the sense of suspense we felt whenever any of the family member accidentally make a sound (or the relief feeling if it was a false alarm). 

The movie's main attraction would definitely be the feelings they created which totally resonate with audience. All of us could feel the tension, or we would be holding our breathes when the creatures were lurking nearby any of the family. But what my wife and I truly loved most was the fact that the movie was having a realistic feel and very full of emotions which were shown not by so many words, but just through the various frightened, relieved, happy & sad expressions. There was also a very emotional moment towards the end which totally affected us and I think most of the audience. 

This film was made without major budget, though not as low as other low budget successful horror movies like Get Out,  Lights Out or the movie that I think had a bit of similarity in term of holding breathe, Don't Breathe. I think the biggest budget would be on the special effects of the creature which was quite exceptional. I saw in the end credit (which did not have any post end-credit scenes) that the visual effects were done by Industrial Light Magic. The very good thing about the movie would also be its sound effects. It was great to hear the scary sound of creatures communicating, or when they attacked or the music that sometimes was available in few scenes. Even if it had a standard Dolby Digital effects, it was still pretty awesome.

As a horror movie which did not have any supernatural thing in it, I think it was very successful in scaring us. It was really well directed by its main cast John Krasinski himself (who happened to be real life husband of Emily Blunt. So yeah, no wonder the chemistry of these two were truly great). I also love the performance of the kids, especially Noah Jupe whom I think was really great and Millicent Simmons was also very good. It certainly made me fell intrigued to see other movies that they already played even at their young age. Oh btw, some people might consider the movie a lot like 10 Cloverfield Lane but I personally think this one was more suspenseful throughout the movie while Cloverfield felt more like psychological horror (different kind of suspense) and only at the finale it became terrifying. Then again, that's just me. 

Finally, I think that this is an exceptional movie which was very smart and well executed. Another proof that no big budget required in order to make a great movie. Overall, this is a very recommended movie for horror & suspenseful movie lovers. And if you do watch it in theaters soon, I hope you would not be having noisy audience like we did where couples on the right and left side of us were talking in their big voices. But, if you prefer supernatural horror movie instead, then this one is not for you. The choice is yours. 

Happy watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 

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