Saturday, October 21, 2017

2:22 - A Uniquely Interesting Thriller Drama Movie

Today my wife had an event in Central Park Mall at 12 PM and I was thinking of catching up with movies that were playing in CGV. There were 3 options that I could choose but only this one that was not a horror movie. When I read the synopsis, it definitely raised my curiosity and so without hesitation, I opted to see this one at the 11.15AM show. The next show was at 3.30PM which was a bit tight for our next schedule. Once we reached the mall, we split ways as my wife got ready for her event and I went straight to the cinema. I was the first one to buy the ticket for the movie. So let us move on with the film.

Brief Story Line

Dylan (Michiel Huisman - The Age of Adaline, The Invitation etc) was an Air Traffic Control employee in JFK New York, one of the busiest airport in the world. Being a person who was able to see any type of patterns and loved regular things, he truly enjoyed his work there as he could keep the "chaos" of various airlines departing and arriving at the same time. However, after an incident occurred during one of his normally regular day at 2:22 PM, he got suspended until further notice. This was the time when he met with a girl named Sarah (Teresa Palmer - Lights OutHacksaw Ridge etc). They really hit it off with one another and felt (in a cliche way) that they knew each other for a long time.

After the incident earlier, Dylan kept on having the feeling that he was seeing a pattern which he could not understand and it always culminated at 2:22PM every day. This was something that bothered Dylan a lot and affected a bit on his relationship with Sarah. Especially since Sarah was still in a close working relationship with his ex boyfriend Jonas (Sam Reid - Belle, Serena etc). 

So what was actually the pattern that Dylan was seeing? Why was the time so important? Could Dylan solve it before something bad happened like what he was feeling? Find them all in this intriguing mystery thriller drama movie.

End of Brief Story Line

Before I go on with my views of the movie, I just want to share that this was the first time I ever been in a theater watching a movie all by myself. I had previously been in a theater of less than 10 people or even less than 5, but this time, it was a real record. Perhaps it was the time (11.15AM was a bit early for people to see a movie, I guess), or perhaps it was due to the movie not being a typical blockbuster type, which I think was a shame since the movie was actually pretty decent and interesting.

The film started with the usual model of something big happening then continued with events that seemed to lead towards it. After the opening scene which I personally felt like scenes from advertisement clip, the movie moved at a steady pace. It was not a very slow pace that made us bored but it was kept interesting especially when the incident happened not long after the earlier part. Audience would be kept intrigued with the slowly revealing of some stuff which would make us eventually understand bit by bit on what the actual mystery was.

I think this movie was actually cleverly crafted and was really interesting. I personally feel that Michiel Huisman's performance here was excellent and the chemistry he had with Teresa Palmer felt pretty good & believable. As a mystery thriller movie, this one had few surprises and twists (which probably would be more satisfying and shocking had the ending been a bit different) but overall quite nice. I also think that the movie did not get the proper publicity and buzz that could arouse people's curiosity to watch it, but perhaps it was also due to the minimal budget to do a serious marketing campaign. In any case, the movie was made to attract those who enjoy this type of genre.

For those of you looking for a unique mystery thriller (but not the very very intense type), and want to just enjoy the mystery resolved and revealed slowly, then this one could be interesting. But please take note that this was not a heavy mystery movie where you really need to do deep thinking to understand the plot. This one was simply for enjoyment purpose and it did keep me interested till the end as I also wanted to find out how it would unfold and whether the ending would be what I suspected.

So if you want to see this one in theater, you could see this probably only until next week as without audience coming to see, it would not take long till the cinema chains take it out from their movie list. Btw, the movie was made in 2016 which would explain the year mentioned in the film. Not sure why it was only released in 2017 even in US theaters. No end credit scene available for this one.

Mike's movie moments rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

PS: There was another movie titled exactly the same from the year 2008 but with totally different plot. So this movie is not a remake of that one.

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