Sunday, March 5, 2017

Museum - Adaptation of Psychological Thriller Mystery Manga

Yesterday, my wife and I were having 1 of those movie marathon day. It was not like our usual marathon where the movies were Hollywood blockbuster, but instead, we watched a Japanese movie and another Korean movie (which I am going to write later) . So it was more like an Asian movie marathon. Anyway, based on the synopsis, the movie seemed to be interesting as it was a thriller mystery movie. Ok, we will move on to the story now.

Brief Story Line

Detective Hisashi Sawamura (Shun Oguri) of the Tokyo Police Department was being called to a crime scene somewhere inside a sewer. There he met with his young partner Nishino (ShÅ«hei Nomura) who was vomiting due to the gruesomeness of the victim's body. After looking through the location, it was found out that there was a piece of paper with some writing about punishment for stranding dog. 

Later on, another victim was found with a similar very gruesome act done on his body. It was found out somewhere in the forest and the crime was done during the heavy rains too just like in the first murder. All these point to a serial killer at large. This second victim also had a piece of paper with writing about some punishment. In both these murders, witnesses seemed to saw a person wearing a raincoat with a frog mask.

Nishino later found out the connection between these 2 victims and all the police including Kozo Sekihata (Yutaka Matsushige) who was Sawamura's chief, were given task to protect the other potential victims. 

Meanwhile Sawamura was also having personal problem where his wife Haruka (Machiko Ono) had left with their only son. So Sawamura had to juggle between the investigation of the murders by the serial killer and his personal problem. 

As this is a mystery movie, I would not reveal too much synopsis which would expose some spoilers. Bottom line, you will have to see for yourselves how the story unfolds.

End of Brief Story Line

As a mystery movie, I think the film actually was quite good. The revelation of each information was done quite meticulously and quite detailed. Most of the film was shot in rather dark condition (during heavy rains). Since it is a mystery movie, the story was not having a lot of actions but more towards the investigation and also dramatic moments. There were also some parts which were shown in flashback to reveal information happening 3 years prior to the start of the murder and another time many years before.

The murders by the culprit were quite brutal and rather gruesome. I think it was the reason for the movie to be having an adult category. Although it was adapted from manga (which I always thought was more towards children or teenagers), but I think this one which was based on manga with the title: Museum - The Serial Killer is Laughing in the Rain written by Ryosuke Tomoe, is definitely not suitable for children. 

The duration of the movie was more than 2 hours which was why I felt a little bit too long. But my wife told me that it was probably due to my need to go to the restroom during the movie. Maybe she is right. LOL. Anyway, the movie was having some twists and surprises like in similar type of genre. Before the end of the movie, there was a very huge twist and just before you thought that would be the last twist, they gave you additional twist. So watching this movie, you have to be ready with those surprises. One thing that I was happy was there was something which I thought was a big plot hole in the middle movie but apparently turned out to be part of the twist. 

The movie did not lack the dramatic moments either. There were few touching scenes in addition to the suspenseful scenes as well. Oh one other thing though. I think that there were few moments which would probably make the movie even better if the sound effects gave more shocking effects. Though perhaps the director thought differently and that is only my opinion.

Anyway, my wife and I quite enjoyed this movie. So if you are looking for a mystery thriller Japanese movie, then it would be good if you see this one. But if a more full action movie with little investigation is what you prefer, then this would not be suitable for you.

Happy watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars 

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