Sunday, February 26, 2017

GUARDIANS - A Russian Version of Superheroes Movie

Yesterday, this movie premiered for the first time in Indonesia. My wife and I were not too enthusiastic in watching it as it did not seem to be a very interesting movie. But since her plan of going out in the morning was cancelled and she would be free till 2PM, we decided to watch the movie at 11.45AM. So let us get on with the movie.

Brief Story Line

August Kuratov (Stanislas Shirin) was a mad scientist who created superhuman by altering DNA during the World War 2 period. When the Russian government found out about his intention of creating a clone army of super humans and also having equipment attached to his body which enhanced his power and strength, they had to do something to capture him.

Major Elena (Valeria Shkirando) was tasked by Major General Nikolai (Vyacheslav Razbegaev) to head the "Patriot" organization which would be to recruit the superhumans created earlier. They had all hid themselves for many years and therefore, Elena must find out the locations of all these people urgently.

Using some smart deductions and the power of internet, Elena was able to locate them one by one. Starting with Ler (Sebastien Sisak) who was able to use telekinesis to control things with his mind. He would usually use the rocks around him to attack people or for his defense. From there, Elena found the next superhuman named Khan (Sanzhar Madiev) who was a very skilled martial artist and was using a couple of blades which could be combined into a double blade weapon. He was also able to do teleportation and therefore could kill many people at the same time.

After those two, Elena met with another superhuman named Arsus (Anton Pampushnyy) who was able to transform himself into part bear or a full grown grizzly bear. Hence he had a super strength to easily beat his opponents. And lastly there was Kseniya (Alina Lanina) who was able to make herself invisible when she was in the water and hence she could easily fight the enemies without being seen.

Once this group of people were put together and were called as Guardians, they were informed by Nikolai of the location where Kuratov was hiding and creating his superhumans. But the place was swarmed with his army. And apart from his army, he was also having a plan to conquer the world with some evil plans.

So would the Guardians be able to defeat Kuratov? Could they stop Kuratov from his evil plan of conquering the world? Find them all in this superhero movie.

End of Brief Story Line

As a Russian superhero movie, I did not have any expectations to the movie. Naturally we could not compare this with a Hollywood Marvel or DC superheroes movie. The positive about this movie was the special effects which I thought were pretty decent. I was not able to enjoy the sound effects or the picture though. I am not sure why but it seemed the picture was not bright enough and the sounds seemed too little of everything. 

The dubbing of the movie I think really did not do the movie justice. Those people that dubbed into English were very expressionless and emotionless. It made the sense of the movie played by people who seemed unable to act. Furthermore, perhaps due to those no emotions voices, my wife and I were truly bored with the movie. Both of us were even feeling sleepy during the supposed tense moments. It would appear that the dubbing probably made those feeling. 

The plot of the movie was a standard superhero movie. The superhero itself seemed to be cool at first, but later on we felt they were really not worthy of being a superhero. Even the final fight scene (after the enhancement of the super strengths of these 4 people), I still think they were lousy superheroes.

In conclusion, even though I was not supposed to have high expectations, I still feel that the movie was unable to deliver. It was too bad though coz this movie was supposed to be a breath of fresh air in the flooding of Hollywood movies, but instead it became an irrelevant movie and totally forgettable one.

Oh just like the Marvel movies, this one also gave a post end credit scene which supposedly gave the hint that the movie would have a sequel. Though I do not believe that would happen since the movie was getting very bad publication in Russia itself and I think it would not be a success (however, stranger things had happened before).

So if you are thinking of watching a brand new superhero movie from Russia and you are able to ignore so many flaws in the movie, then by all means you can have a try and see this movie. But if you have other movie options that you can see, I would really recommend you watch other ones and avoid this one at all. At least I was able to use a bank promotion of free 1 ticket for buying 1, so I did not feel too much loss.

Mike's movie moments rating: 2 out of 5 stars 

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