Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Before I Fall - A Time Loop Movie from Teenager's Perspective

I was having the usual weekend staycation with my wife few days ago and on Saturday night there was a premiere of new movie on Fox Movies Premium channel which I happened to know from the comments of 1 of my reader in Happy Death DayI was definitely intrigued to see this as it also had time loop element. So when I noticed that it would play at 8 PM, my wife decided that we should have our complimentary dinner at our room. Although she did not see the movie as she was concentrating on finishing season 1 of Riverdale TV series. Well let us find out more on the movie now.

Brief Story Line

A high school student Samantha (Zoey Deutch - Vampire Academy, Why Him? etc) was a popular girl and was best friends with Lindsay (Halston Sage - Paper Towns, Goosebumps etc), Elodie (Medalion Rahimi) and Ally (Cynthy Wu). It was Cupid's day (Valentine's day) where lots of girls in school were receiving flowers, including Samantha who got it from her boyfriend Rob (Youtuber Kian Lawley) and also from another boy named Kent (Logan Miller - Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse). Being part of popular and "mean girls", Samantha and the others were making fun of the less popular girls, especially when they picked up on an out of place girl named Juliet (Elena Kampouris - My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2). 

Kent was throwing a big party at her house and he invited all the students, including Samantha. So Samantha and the others decided to go there. When the four of them decided to leave the party early, something happened and Samantha woke up in her bed not realizing that it was the same day all over again. Not until she relived the whole day she finally made sense that she was in a time loop.

So how would Samantha deal with her experience and would she be able to survive and proceed to the following day? Find them all in this unique teenage drama.

End of Brief Story Line

Well as usual, a movie involving time loop was always interesting. This time, the person experiencing this was not a mature person like in Groundhog Day or a college student like in Happy Death Day, but a very young high school teenager girl. Hence the problems she was facing was more of teenage problems, like bullying, popular and unpopular type, virginity issue etc. It was intriguing to find out slowly as the story goes, how the time loop would be resolved. As they say, it was the journey that was important. Although, to my personal opinion, the ending was rather disappointing as I thought it would have given a bit of a surprising twist.

This movie was adapted from novel of the same title written by Lauren Oliver who wrote other young adult novels as well. From the brief summary of the novel, it felt that the book was more complete and the transformation of the person seemed to be more detail, unlike in the movie which seemed to be too short. However, as a time loop kind of movie it was still pretty interesting when you look at it from the perspective of young person.

Focusing on the drama side, the movie did not have the intensity of Happy Death Day and I could also understand why it was not a major commercial success. I remembered that I did not see this movie when it played in such short period of time in Indonesia. At least after seeing this, my curiosity have been fulfilled. Aside from the time loop and the teenage problems, the movie itself did not provide too much. If anything, it was not a memorable movie and probably only became a footnote or just adding to the list of time loop movies.

This movie is currently showing in Fox Movies Premium for the next few days. My experience watching it in the hotel was not too good since the particular channel's picture was too dark (you have to understand that not every hotel's TV channel pictures quality are top notch). Anyway, if you are looking to see a teenager's movie with time loop as background story, you can give this one a try. Even if you are not a subscriber to that cable TV, I am sure it is available via online streaming. But if you prefer to see a more serious such movies, then perhaps you can try others such as above. The choice is yours.

Mike's movie moments rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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