Monday, November 6, 2017

The Beauty Inside - A Unique, Touching and Lovely Romantic Korea Drama Movie

It was a rare Sunday night when I was at home and suddenly got the urge to browse through the cable TV channels. I accidentally stumbled into this Korean movie in Celestial Movie where it just started. The very brief synopsis really intrigued me so I told my wife about this, but apparently she had seen it before. She said it was a lovely movie, and naturally I decided to watch this. What was this movie about? Let us move on to the story now.

Brief Story Line

Kim Woo-jin (voiced by Yoo Yeon-sook - Whistle Blower, The Royal Tailor etc) was a man who was having a very unique condition. He would wake up every morning in a different body, be it a male, female, young, old and even as foreigner. Regardless of the gender, age or nationality, he was still Woo-Jin inside. This condition was only known by his best friend Sang-baek (Lee Dong-hwi - Reply 1998 TV series, Confidential Assignment etc) and also Woo-jin's mother.

Due to this condition Woo-jin was unable to make friends and was never having any romantic relationship. The best he could do was to have one night stands when he woke up as a handsome male. That was until he met a woman named Yii-soo (Han Hyo-joo - Brilliant Legacy TV series, Cold Eyes etc) who caught his attention due to her job and some similarity of interests. However, how could he make the move if he would change into another person in the following day?

After doing some heavy thoughts, finally Woo-jin decided to go ahead and ask Yii-soo out while he was in the body of a young good looking person (Park Seo-joon - Kill Me, Heal Me, Fight for My Way TV series etc). He also found a temporary way to continue dating Yii-soo. But could this be forever? What happened if Yii-soo find out? Would she be able to accept him? And why did he have this condition in the first place? Find them all in this very unique love story.

End of Brief Story Line

Well this movie is indeed a very unique one. How could a man who would transform into an entirely different person on daily basis could possibly have a permanent relationship with a love of his life? The movie was focusing on the struggle of Woo-jin whose life was turned upside down when he decided to take the risk of falling in love despite his condition. The main attraction was not solely on the relationship but also the different actors/actresses who portrayed the same character. It was fun to see when he became a pretty woman, or a Japanese lady, or a very old guy, even a young boy.

Due to the uniqueness of this character, there were many people who played as Woo-jin and some of them were quite well-known, such as Park Shin-hye (You're Beautiful, Pinocchio TV series etc), Lee Beom-soo (Giant, Surgeon Bong Dal-hee etc), Kim Sang-ho (My Husband Got a Family, The Happy Life TV series etc), Juri Ueno (Swing Girls, Last Friends TV series), Lee Jin-wook (Glass Castle, Miss Granny etc) and many more. Those who are fans of Korean movies would certainly be able to relate by recognizing them. It's just too bad that I am not one who watch Korean dramas a lot so I could only have the fun feeling of looking those different characters.

This movie was having quite long duration (a little over 2 hours) and during this 2 hours, I felt the movie was having a standard slow pace for a romantic drama movie. There were few funny moments which mostly related to the awkwardness of new Woo-jin character and his relationship with his best friend Sang-baek (who I personally felt was a very nice character). As usual in this kind of movie, there would be some emotional moments. But the best thing I noticed in this movie was the full musical effect. Somehow the melodies played in here using acoustic guitar or piano were absolutely beautiful. It really added the element of romance on the relationship between Woo-jin and Yii-soo. I could also understand such appeal to the romantic movie lovers such as my wife.

As an overall romantic drama movie, I personally feel that it successfully combine the element of uniqueness and romance and turned it into a quite beautiful love story. But be reminded though that despite the special condition which seemed like it was from a science fiction movie, it really was not. Perhaps it is over-reaching but I kind of think that the love story might have little similarity with Beauty and the Beast. Oh ya, during the middle of end credit scene, there was a rather sad and beautiful scene that you should not miss.

Btw, for additional info, this movie was actually adapted from a US social film of same title back in 2012, where it was an interactive 6 episodes film that allowed audience to play as the lead character. That film was played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Topher Grace. And this Korean version movie would be remake into a Hollywood movie with Emily Clarke (Game of Thrones TV series, Terminator Genisys etc) confirmed as the female lead character. Be sure to catch that one playing in theaters in 2018. So if you are looking for a quite beautiful romantic drama movie with a touch of something unique on the main character, then you should be able to enjoy this one. If you want to see this, it is available in cable TV or live streaming. 

Happy watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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