Thursday, July 6, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming - The 2nd Reboot of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

After taking a break from the cinemas for exactly 2 weeks (the last time a major Hollywood movie that I watched was Transformers: The Last Knight), finally a superhero movie from Marvel premiered yesterday which my wife and I obviously allocated our time to see it. It was rather tight timing for me since the tickets available via advance purchase was 6.05PM in Epicentrum as other cinemas nearby my office were playing either too early or too late. Anyway let us move on to the movie.

Brief Story Line

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker aka Spider-man (Tom Holland - In the Heart of the Sea) had been waiting for his chance to show what he could do and to become an Avenger. However Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) felt that Peter is too young and he also felt responsible to keep Peter out of trouble due to his promise to Peter's aunt May (Marisa Tomei - What Women Want, Anger Management etc).

Peter was being watched over by Tony's head of security Happy (Jon Favreau - The Break-up, Couples Retreat and director of Iron Man 1 & 2) who always thought of him as child and never take him seriously. As Spider-Man, Peter always tried to help people while having to deal with his high school matters. He had a best friend who was very good in computers named Ned (Jacob Batalon) and also had a crush on Liz (Laura Herrier). All three of them were a member of the Decathlon team in their high school with other notable members such as the very serious rather weird Michelle (Zendaya - Shake it Up TV series) and also the bully Flash (Tony Revolori - The Grand Budapest Hotel). 

While watching over his neighborhood, Peter saw a bunch of people who were trying to rob the ATM machine and were using a very dangerous weapon unknown to him. After some small investigation, Peter found out that the weapons were bought from some thugs, with one of them called himself the Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine - Riddick, Fargo TV series 2nd season etc). The weapons and other equipments were owned by the team led by Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton - 1992's Batman, Multiplicity, Birdman etc). With the assistance of the Tinkerer (Michael Cernus) who was able to use the Centauri's technology and remains from the war between them and Avengers 8 years ago to create many weapons, including a wing shape suit that allowed Adrian to fly and shoot and became the Vulture, this team created havoc in the city of New York. 

So could Spider-Man catch this dangerous team? Could he convince Tony about his capability and became the member of Avengers? Find them all in this latest Spider-Man movie

End of Brief Story Line

Well, this was a movie that I was actually feeling a bit weird to see at first. Reason being it was the 6th Spider-Man movie done in the past 15 years and Tom Holland was the 3rd person portraying the superhero. I was earlier hoping for a 3rd Spider-Man movie with Andrew Garfield since the 2nd one left with a rather disturbing cliffhanger. But with the recast and the inclusion of Spider-Man into Marvel Cinematic Universe, that hope vaporized already. So even though a Marvel movie was generally highly anticipated, my excitement towards the movie was a bit mixed in the beginning. However, after finished seeing the movie, I felt that Sony pictures was correct in their decision to join up with Marvel Studios as this movie was fantastic.

The earlier part of the movie was a bit too light for me as I felt it was a really teenage movie with high school problems. But as it continued on, the movie became heavier and more complex, especially with the challenges that Peter faced with his wish to be taken seriously by Tony Stark, and also his dilemma between high school education and the life of a superhero. Being a kid of 15 year old with only his aunt certainly did not help (Yes, this Spider-Man is really just a kid!).

Now aside from the story which I think was excellent from the middle onwards, I felt that there was too little screen time of Aunt May (seemed like she was not a supporting role but just a minor role and was unclear of her role in Peter's life other than just being there few times). This movie was not like any other origin story of Spider-Man with the showing of how he was bitten or how Peter became a Spider-Man and there was not even a flash back to show that. I guess the writers thought it was enough shown anyway in other adaptations.

This movie was very good in term of its special effects and action sequence. I felt it was done fantastically during at least 3 different major fighting scenes involving Spider-Man. Its sound effects were also nice (though it was strangely not made in Dolby Atmos or Auro 11.1 system). The major surprise in the last third of the movie was good and also a bit of nice surprise before the end. As usual Marvel movies, this one had got post credit scene. One in the middle and another funny one at the very end that you should not miss out. Another thing to take note was the movie had some funny moments as well, though not very very funny that you could laugh out loud.

For a movie with just a little over 2 hours, surprisingly it had quite significant story line and quite a lot were told, though as I said the beginning was very light. One major thing that I felt was good was the amount of screen time for Iron Man was not too much. Otherwise it would not be a Spider-Man movie but a Spider-Man & Iron Man movie. He was shown only occasionally which was just enough since Robert Downey Jr. had such a major onscreen appearance and would take the spotlight off Tom Holland who I think was pretty good in portraying a very young Spider-Man.

So if you are a fan of Marvel movies, this one would not disappoint you. If you are one of those audience who felt there was too many superheroes movies in the past few years, you should still try and see this one as I believe it would be worth the while. For family and young children, this movie would be quite entertaining and as what I saw in the internet, the ratings for the movie was very high and it would most likely go on as a major hit again for Disney/Marvel studios. 

Have fun watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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