Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice - A Chinese Romantic Comedy Heavy on Comedy Side

As I was waiting for my wife to complete her food tasting event, I had some spare time to use and thought of watching some random movie which might not be available in cable TV. So I did some browsing through the internet and looked for something via online streaming, where I stumbled across this movie. Once I saw the title, I was intrigued and was even more interested to see when I read the very brief synopsis which hinted that it was a romantic comedy and the genre that I have not watched for quite some time. So I decided to see this one.

Brief Story Line

After an incident in a crowded mall, Zhu Hou (Leon Zhang - Fall In Love Like a Star) who was a spoiled rich kid & whose mother was the owner of a very successful lingerie business, accidentally met with Tang Nan Nan (Dilraba Dilmurat - Hot Girl TV series, and cast member of Running Man China). Nan Nan was a struggling online writer who was having a bit of cash flow problem. Due to the incident, she demanded that Zhu Hou be responsible and compensate her. Nan Nan was able to acquire what she wanted through some hilarious moments and soon they parted ways. 

Zhu Hou had a very good friend named Jian Jun (Vengo Gao - Heartfall Arises) who was trusted by his mother to "look after" him since he was such a spoiled kid and unable to be financially responsible. Zhu Hou was also very bad in memorizing numbers more than 3 digits which resulted him to be heavily reliant on his handphone. So when he lost both his handphone and his wallet, he was stranded in the city for a while till he finally stumbled into Nan Nan again. He managed to tricked her to let him stay at her place, until he was able to return to his home.

This was the time when things become very difficult for Nan Nan who was the total opposite character of Zhu Hou, especially when Nan Nan almost ran out of money due to Zhu Hou's habit of spending carelessly. Later on, things would be even more complicated when Jian Jun took an interest of Nan Nan and Zhu Hou was not willing to let them be together.

So what would happen between these 3? Could Nan Nan be a successful writer as she would hoped for? Would Zhu Hou be able to grow up? Find them all in this fun romantic comedy.

End of Brief Story Line

Well this was a fun movie. It was a very very light movie and should not be considered very seriously. The movie was filled with some slapstick moments involving Zhu Hou obviously and few moments involving Nan Nan. The movie started with some hilarious moments and then after passing an hour mark, suddenly it changed to a bit serious and even heavier before the end. I guess the writer was trying to show that a romantic comedy can also be serious.

The chemistry between Leon Zhang and Dilraba Dilmurat was quite fun to see. Despite not having a lot of screen time, Vengo Gao also gave some extra width to the story, though I was not satisfied with the ending involving him (you would probably know what I meant if you noticed after watching the movie). The thing about Leon was that he looked convincing when he was portraying the spoiled rich kid but I felt he was not really suitable during the more serious scenes. 

This movie would certainly appeal to the young audience. The main characters were quite eye candy and I believe it was the main thing to attract people to see the movie. The film was made in very colorful and contrast mode. It has a lovely soundtrack (I think sung by Leon Zhang, and I found out there was another one version by both Leon and Dilraba which was equally nice). The movie was only released in 2017 and I guess it did decently in Chinese box office.

In the end, I felt that this movie was adequate if you are looking for a fun and very light romantic comedy. The more dramatic part I think was rather forced and out of place at times. As a rom-com, we would have guessed the ending of the movie, but the main thing was the journey towards the ultimate result. So if you are a fan of this genre, you could give this one a try, but do not expect the caliber of movies like Sleepless in Seattle or Pretty Woman. It is available via online streaming in the internet and most likely in cable TV next year.

Happy watching!

Mike's movie moments rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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